‘Evening Seascape: All Blues & Soul’, by Michael Moore


Inspired by the wonderful gift of this wonderful painting, this is my poetic thanks to Mike and Jackie:


It seems impossible not to get a reflection in the glass, but here is the painting framed, and on its such welcome reception:


3 thoughts on “‘Evening Seascape: All Blues & Soul’, by Michael Moore

  1. We are overwhelmed by this wonderful poem in response to the gift of the painting. Supreme relationship between poet to painter: Two highly gifted creative souls. I can’t create but can spin a few words. It will have to be very abbreviated, though. There are so many layers here; the response to the colours and tones; the praise of the picture and thanks, then a whole other layer..

    There’s the deeply emotional side of the acknowledgement of a ‘goodbye’ to come, softened by the reassuring smile. But he poem moves further than wave to wave as it picks up the undercurrents and the irresistible power of the sea; the time has come, syllabus ended, irresistible force.

    Waves of the sea become waves of time, cycles of life. Miraculously, Mike binds the elements together in his choice of colours, the artistic, accurate colours of the paints, the more metaphorical colours which sends the meaning spinning outwards and on – eternally onward and outward. The word ‘celeste’ creates images of Heaven, of a supreme power, of our fate outside of our hands. but for me the triumph – and the key to unlocking the real significance of the poem is the unexpected word ‘glaucus’, That does it for me! I encountered this word reading Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, and this ties in with Mike’s reference to the Aegean sea. Here we are in the world of universals, the premises of Homer. Life universally is a quest, a search for perfection. painter, poet and reader engage together in this task, searching for the best that we frail humans can achieve. It seems to me that Michael Moore and Mike Ferguson have both wonderfully travelled a long way in pursuing this quest. Thank you, Mike.

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