The Yellow Book and Aubrey Beardsley


Speaking of elusive, I don’t fully understand Twitter, but one aspect that eludes me completely is how tweets you have seen maybe half an hour ago have suddenly completely disappeared when you go back to find them.

You scroll down and through for what seems like forever, and cannot find again. In that scrolling, you keep coming across other tweets you recall seeing with the one you are searching for, but these are now punctuated by millions of others.

I have gone in and selected whatever options seem to secure some semblance of sanity in desiring a chronological feed, but that fails.

This is a lead in to the fact that this morning I was prompted to this piece on Aubrey Beardsley and I wanted to acknowledge the tweet that did this, but, as you now know, I cannot find.

I was also prompted by the reference in the article to the yellow book/Yellow Book to find my original copy of the latter and look at the Beardsley prints in it, none as ‘provocative’ as those referenced in the article. The following pictures are simply provided to illustrate treasures from this book, one I acquired around 45 years ago from an auction in Aldebugh,



Further pictures are for extra interest. At the end of the book’s articles and illustrations are adverts from publishing houses and these are interesting in themselves, especially as a reflection of their time, but there is a self-indulgence in this as I also have a book published by Cambridge University Press,


I liked the moral tone of this advertisement,


This amused in its ‘concrete’ presentation,



2 thoughts on “The Yellow Book and Aubrey Beardsley

    • That’s interesting, and the birthday – which I didn’t know either – perhaps the reason for the twitter posting. The story of Oscar Wilde’s arrest in the article referenced and the ‘yellow book’ is fascinating, not least the tragic implications for Beardsley.


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