Do Borg Lives Matter?


When you have a mantra this well known, there is no need – ironically – to repeat. Wilfred Owen had his better empathy for that word. Assimilation as acquiescence: it is easier to blend in than fight for an identity with bullets in its back. On the upside, at the interminable New Year’s Eve party, there’s no need to join hands when they are all already ONE. The downside is the interminable subjugation. Apathy in defeat. Where futility is living in the culture that adapts to serviceability. As collective as greed. The darkest irony: it is as integration, as adjustment, as accommodation, not as the one of being – so where/when do we resist?


living with an adjustment to bullets
when do we resist

to already fight in acquiescence
where do we resist

as upside is the downside
when do we resist

if subjugation’s the darkest empathy
where do we resist


Is irony better than all the other when it
adapts to a collective blend, accommodation
of the downside for an upside? Or do we
resist as a New Year’s Eve come not to repeat
but be a culture of serviceability – this the
darkest assimilation of being easier: bullets
inside as an adjustment to living; integration
as an interminable mantra. To join in is as
one identity. Here at the Subjugation Word
, empathy is no more than a word, so it
is defeat. Acquiescence to futility resists
this as the culture blends to all our being in
the where for apathy / the when for greed /
the where for living / the when for need.

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