When Someone Should Be Ashamed


A blush or a cringe are on the spectrum. When shall is too active for those whose movements are constrained by emptiness. Guilt horizon in the far off distance. The subjunctive mood is a pipe dream when people who have everything wish it so. Do not endorse an embarrassment with a slip of the tongue or an ungrammatical utterance. A restraint within being ashamed is in holding back the urge to defy, or prevent the pretend there are angel-wings attached to a soar up incredible heights. If you believe in something right you have to believe there is a wrong.


Everything is the
utterance of urge,

being active with
a pretend of blush;

and those attached
to restraint have

the mood to slip
into embarrassment.

People endorse


To believe it is ungrammatical to
prevent movements in the subjunctive
tongue makes the angels blush at their
active wish for utterance. To slip the
wings from restraint and soar is more
than dream or pretend; to defy distance
as more than urge. Mood heights are
constrained by this embarrassment. To
dream of the far horizon is holding
back something subjunctive in the soar
if it isn’t. Incredible holding: wrong
to be ashamed of the wish. Attached
by movements in the dream of wings
slips restraint in a spectrum of things.

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