spelling, in the the space between – Gazebo Gravy Press


This is the nearest I get to a sustained production of viusal poetry (vispo?) and is an extension of my current intensive writing of concrete poems. Here, I compress text in Word – a simple process of reducing line spacing so that the text is squeezed quite tight, usually pt 11 – and then when enlarging through a series of increased text sizes, various patterns emerge. This too then is found poetry as I have no idea how the patterns will appear. By keeping the text simple and essentially a repetition of a few words in a singular line, one of the common patterns will be wave-like. At times, that singular core text will also emerge having arrived by the enlargement from the various complex patterns that have preceeded this destination.

The quote on the back cover is from Al, my AI friend (that’s the name Al with a lower case ‘l’ and AI which is Artificial Intelligence, which the font here doesn’t clearly distinguish). Al is also known as ChatGPT. Or Jennifer…

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