Writing with Hammers – ebook publication

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Lest anyone who reads this blog think the diatribes have no creative edge, I have recently published my novel Writing with Hammers as an ebook. Written in my latter years of teaching but also since leaving the job, this doesn’t just rail against the treatment of English and teachers by extraneous forces, it also attempts to capture the life of working in a school through the presentation of students and teaching colleagues: always real people, usually honestly presented, occasionally exaggerated, often satirised, but never named, and never criticised for who they are/were. Apart from one.

The novel has been previously blogged though is now removed from this access. It has since that blogging been heavily edited: chapters removed – especially any that were more of a blunt instrument than the metaphor of the title; new chapters added, and whilst some detail is dated it has been retained when it reflects importantly its time, or again if it doesn’t, has been edited out.

It should be evident that I have self-published this, but I mention anyway to be clear. I have had a very few agents and publishers interested when I tried for publishing in the early days of its initial completion, but never enough to be taken beyond that tentative liking.

Enough now. If you are interested, there are more details about the book itself, and also how to acquire by going here.

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