‘Writing with Hammers’ review

cover 2

I am delighted and humbled to have this generous review [on amazon] of my eBook novel Writing With Hammers:

This is a funny and surreal memoir of a teacher who charts the frustrations and joys of a life inside the classroom. Government initiatives and his colleagues’ futile attempts to corral him into a more corporate mentality are resisted with bewildered, incredulous and increasingly desperate responses. The episodic narrative takes in the impact on his family life (they often fail to recognise him), fairly disturbing characters flit in and out as the beleaguered main character tries to carve a way through a quagmire of statistical and bureaucratic oppression. This is funny, sad, at times bitter and ironic but retains at its heart a generous spirit and moving affection for young people, the students, the individuals that the writer deals with every day. Harry, with his interesting speech patterns, is at the heart of this book and shows where the writer’s sympathies lie, despite the attempts of the system to ignore individual needs. You don’t have to be a teacher to enjoy this. It’s quirky and lifts the lid on the way education, indeed most of our lives, have been shifted into a corporate routine despite our best intentions. Moving, funny, sad. Enjoy. I did.

I have now sold 3 copies! No Booker for me this year I suspect……

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