Poetry/Creative Writing Ideas – Rhymes, Verbs and Nouns

This unit of work is a little more functional, though nonetheless encouraging some element of playfulness. I wrote this at a time where I felt compelled by the Literacy Strategy – not entirely sure to do what exactly – but instinctively driven to make whatever I did respond with contain an element of creativity in its urgings. It continued work I had done on Rhymes and Syllables, posted previously on this blog, so if used without that precursor, the ‘continuing’ exhortations can be removed! The target audience was year 7, but linked to other similar activities:

Rhymes, Verbs and Nouns

The aim of this unit is to continue your practice in using rhyme and add to this the use of simple verbs and nouns.

Verb and Noun

This exercise continues the use of rhyming couplets, but in addition to this you will need to end each first line with a verb and then each second line with a rhyming noun. Here is an example:


With special trainers you will run
but never catch a setting sun.

Camels smile but cautiously jump
when water fills each rounded hump.

With soft cement you can render
but do not mix it in a blender.

The ball’s lined up and with a whack
you slip and fall upon your back.

Turn a cheek and take a slap
to wake yourself up from a nap.

Make sure you look before you dive
if you’re above a concrete drive.

Slip on North Pole ice and slide
upon a never-ending ride.

Writing the Poem

First stage: You need to collect pairs of rhyming words where one is a verb and one is a noun. The verb will describe an action of some kind and the noun will describe an object, place or situation. It might be easier to start with a list of verbs, and then match these with nouns, or vice versa, rather than struggle to find matching pairs at the same time.

Final Stage: You now need to shape your verb and noun pairs into individual rhyming couplets. Each of these must make sense on their own, but they do not have to link with one another. You can try to make them amusing like those in the poem you have seen. For example, the noun hump suggests writing about a camel. This leads to the idea that a camel must be cautious with a jump if the humps are filled with water.

Go on then, you try and be funnier!

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