Curtain Pole

The curtain pole has been leaning downwards at the right hand
end for over a year, ready to fall, and there is a bend in the middle
where the two halves are joined. Tonight I have finally made the
repair and it is secured back and totally straight, as far as the eye can
tell. There are loads of things in this house that are broken or just
getting worse with the wear of time. I have been working at other
fixings or decorations for so many weeks but seem to be getting
nowhere, and I am worn out too with what fading skills I bring to
each chore and the increasing ache and pain of trying to match the
level of care from so many years ago. I seem to be losing all of my
patience and I have lost the certainty that I can make things better.
No doubt I will go back and admire the curtain pole as some kind
of hope, wish that its horizontal perfection can be a simple template
for more complex work, and resign myself to the bigger jobs to bear.

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