Writing Ideas – My Light-Hearted Poem – National Poetry Day

my light-hearted poem misses a beet
my light-kidneyed poem always prefers its steak
my light-eared poem hears a feather’s fall
my light-spleened poem vents abominably
my light-necked poem sticks out its albatross
my light-sinewed poem tends on itself
my light-legged poem moon-walks a stride
my light-livered poem takes the bacon
my light-eyeballed poem peeps over its horizon
my light-arteryed poem spreads the load
my light-elbowed poem bends at the second syllable
my light-blooded poem reds its lines
my light-footed poem tiptoes on rhymes
my light-brained poem thinks it’s a sonnet
my light-handed poem pets/pats/palpates semantics
my light-larynxed poem sings its own falsetto
my light-fingered poem caresses when it possesses
my light-stomached poem digests metaphor
my light-headed poem drinks itself to a muse

[if using to link with my poetry writing idea, you can open and print here: My Light-Hearted Poem]

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