Madame Rosebud

In 1992 I produced a booklet of found poems called Finders Keepers, and among the many initial sources, I used the Writing ‘stimulus’ idea in the left-hand image below. I can’t remember exactly that source’s origins, possibly Ridout? Certainly something similar, and though it would be a 50s/60s production, isn’t it still appalling?! And this the ‘golden age’ of education often pontificated by the Tories and also similar!

I post here to share the found poem I wrote in response – ironically of course – but also because my writing partners and I are looking to possibly produce a new resource of images linked to Writing ideas, both to help prepare students for the GCSE English ‘creative’ writing component, which will probably have an image as stimulus, but also at KS3 to encourage creative writing more widely. We shall see.

Word of mild warning: I did try to track down the source by typing into a search engine a variety of elements from the given task, and the prevalent response is references to the contemporary Madam Rosebud, a quite often naked burlesque performer!


1 thought on “Madame Rosebud

  1. Love the poem and the idea that you may be thinking of doing a KS3 writing resource. Much of what is available now for KS3 tends to be somewhat formulaic and uninspiring due to the factory farming model of education advocated over the last few years. A fresh, creative approach would be so very welcome…


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