Writing Ideas – Empathising with a sentence: how to write a long sentence

erf - CopyI have recently been pursuing on this blog, both satirically and seriously, approaches to helping students explore the impact and effect of the use of ‘long’ sentences in writing, thereby learning how to use themselves.

The idea of helping students in a structured way was first outlined in an article here, and the links below are the work sheets I have created and prepared to hopefully provide teachers a detailed resource to use with their students, as suggested in that article.

There is a Teacher Guide, a student ‘work sheet’, and various supporting resources. If you click on the link you will find a pdf document that can then be downloaded for use. Aimed at GCSE or year 9, this is an activity that will require teacher guidance.

Teacher Guide

Student work sheet

Sequencing Exercise

Prose Version

Prose Version Punctuation Focus

Prose Version Connectives Focus

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