Christmas Crackers 5

He learns that Mrs Dubose has been suffering from a morpheme addiction.

If he had had an affair then she would be seen to be standing up for herself and that would be a strength. If he had merely left the toilet seat up she would be over-reacting and that would be a weakness.

Curley’s wife flirts with men on the raunch.

This poem has a formal rhyme schream.

Men like to thrash around with their testosterone whereas women like to keep themselves dignified.

In the first stanza the woman becomes a hare.

The significance of the title is that George and Lennie are doomed to walk around America like a mouse.

The pigeon is called Grey Breasts, just like the daughter.

The attitude expressed is very admiral.

The ‘iron gates of life’ are other words for a chastity belt and he wants to get through it.

Ralf doesn’t realise the impotence of adults.

The generals are glutinous.

Of course setting is important. Without a setting they could be anywhere – inside, outside, in a car or even in space!

The left side of the poem is the description of rodney marsh

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