Christmas Crackers 6

Candy and his dog have a good relationship. I think this is because they are growing old together and only one of them can talk.

Piggy is very clever and has a lot of brains. ‘His head opened and stuff came out and turned red’.

The poet’s point is to make him move so slowly. Sex isn’t everything.

The man is weak because he is desperate to give in to his sexual urges when he should still be holding on to them.

Candy is the oldest person on the ranch and so is his dog.

His pronunciation of asthma is purely phonetical. Maybe if he could see it written down he would know it had a ‘th’ in the middle, not just ass-mar!

Michele Roberts, the writer, has thrown emotional writing to a new level so teenagers can read and sometimes understand it.

Reading ‘Flight’ opens your mind so you are able to read for the first time ever.

Piggy and his glasses were a perfect formula they worked together. Piggy was nothing without his glasses and glasses are nothing without Piggy, they are a perfect team.

Snowball puts on Old Major’s fundamentals.

Curley visits a broffel every month.

Curley’s wife has sausage curls and a fatal flaw.

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