Christmas Crackers 7 – Finale

The gentleman has wicked intentions and a horse. The beggar woman has a baby and a cunning plan.

She won’t have sex with the man unless he has the child for two years, to give her a break.

She wants to be wisked off to a paradise by a gorgeous hunk then all of her wishes obeyed to the letter. What she gets is a thick dunce of a man that takes her to his flat-like in-a-mess house and gets her to sort it out…..She kills herself because she cannot stand being with the wrong man. Many woman just get a divorce instead, but do remember, this is a fairy tale.

When she speaks of her mother in line 128, she experiences jealousy and snuggery towards her daughter.

There is a role reversal as the woman show her female intinuity.

Curley’s wife doesn’t even have a name or an identity, just a tart.

Curley’s wife, no name given, she is feeling trapped because she is, to everyone on the ranch, a bit of an alright, if you know what I mean.

‘Chastity faces them’. This is not having sex, which is a religious thing.

She was called ‘prostate bait’ but also ‘mouse crap’ by george. She was also not given a name because she was classed as curley’s prostity…..

curley shot his guts. this shows revenge is better then staying with your wife

….On the other hand, Aunt Clara fit into that stereotype as she wore a huge gingham apron with pockets. This implies that Aunt Clara was the type of women who didn’t go to ‘whore house’ or give men the eye but the kind of women who stays in the kitchen

the onomatopoeic present participle verb ‘screaming’ demonstrates her fear

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