The DfE Drafters Game

Anyone can play!

What you need, and what to do:

  • the will not to be amazed
  • a computer
  • this quote: An education department spokesperson said: “Pupils are already benefitting hugely from the academies programme and thanks to our reforms more of them than ever before are going to good or outstanding schools.
  • put quote in search engine
  • see if you find any more than ones below
  • do yourself for all future DfE Drafters comments on why national academisation is a brilliant idea without any real evidence to that effect

Following on from my previous post, I have found the DfE Drafters quote [above] in the following:

  • Evening Standard
  • The Independent
  • Leicester Mercury
  • Times Educational Supplement
  • Cambridge News
  • Kingston Guardian
  • The Guardian

NB A search engine will correct the DfE spelling of benefitting to benefiting. Like it!

2 thoughts on “The DfE Drafters Game

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