Rupert M Loydell – Love Songs for an Echo


Prolific poet and painter Rupert M Loydell’s latest collection is about many things but I think these poems are mostly about journeys, and not simply because this chapbook begins and ends on a train.

The writing is not surprisingly concerned with the literal journeys we take, but more so those in our thinking: about the past, about the present, about change, about what is good or bad or neutral about change, about seeing some or all of this as a sequence of postcards prompted by music, or similar prompted by someone else’s music.

And that is what the poet and painter spends his or her life doing, all the time – journeying, observing, thinking and recording: the latter literally, or holding as a thought for further along the travelling.

Loydell is very often experimental with his writing, and his affinity for found inspiration and crafting into collages of varied or precise patterns [some of that precision here as in parts of the sequence Nine Postcards and in New Grids or Patterns from the other sequence Fifteen Minutes Nowhere] is a trademark, but in this collection I think we find him at his most lyrical, and many times beautifully so.

It is, however, a calm and carefully observed lyricism, as in the opening detail of the first prose-poem One of These Days. That calm is also the prevailing mood of these poems and in the varying shapings, even though their considerations are at times expansive. There are no histrionics in the contemplations; no drama. I think Rupert would see it as not freaking out, and it suits him and this gently intelligent, thoughtful and compelling collection.

I frankly enjoy raving, but in an empathetic mood, review this now with a reserve that I trust does not disguise my considerable liking.

You can buy for £3.60 here [scroll down to find].

I mentioned that Loydell is also a painter and that gives me the very good excuse to advertise the following to which Rupert has donated an art work. I will certainly be taking a wonderful existential punt for an extremely important cause:

Screenshot 2016-04-09 13.34.16

Read more here.

1 thought on “Rupert M Loydell – Love Songs for an Echo

  1. Glad you have reviewed this-and I have just ordered from the site. I love Lloydell’s work, having bought two of his previous collections on your recommendation. I look forward to receiving this.


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