Cambridge University Press – Writing Workshops

There is further information in the current CUP English subject catalogue about my book, Writing Workshops, written with fellow author Martin Phillips, which is being enthusiastically received by those who have used it in their classroom teaching.

An important reminder to attach to a couple of images I want to share here is the fact that our book is not attached to any specific Awarding Body syllabi – it is applicable across all of the the examination board syllabuses offering GCSE English Language:

Screenshot 2016-04-25 15.51.42

I want to also promote the accompanying digital content for our book, not least my interview with the engaging Willy Vlautin which links to the workshop I have written about composing dialogue and uses an extract from his novel Lean on Pete as stimulus. I was delighted to read in Sunday’s Observer that this superb story and book is going to be made into a film:

Screenshot 2016-04-25 15.51.59

My final promotion is for the free Teacher’s Resource that is available to use with Writing Workshops. I wrote this to provide as much supporting, practical advice and ideas as I could, as well as convey a continuing sense of the ethos both Martin and I used with genuine conviction to underpin the classroom ideas,

Screenshot 2016-04-25 15.57.52


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