Grandpa’s Wallet – The Science of Man

science of man

This card intrigued because I have no idea why or how my Grandpa acquired this and had it in his wallet with the few other assorted ‘calling’ cards and folded sheets of paper I have been exploring here recently.

This is neither here nor there, but my Grandpa wasn’t an ‘educated’ man, certainly not in the formal sense, though I will always think of him as wise. These following details are what I have acquired from the internet, and explain his ordinary roots, aspirations and  achievements, all honest and worthy in their own right, obviously:

He was born June 21, 1885 near Atlantic, the son of Chris P. and Anna Carlson, and was baptized and confirmed in the Elk Horn Lutheran church and had since been a member. He spent part of his childhood at Elim Children’s Home in Elk Horn.

As a young man he worked on farms in the Atlantic and Council Bluffs area, then filed for a homestead in North Dakota. He did not prove up on his claim but returned to Iowa and worked in a hardware store in Elk Horn.

I couldn’t find any autobiographical information about Dr Spier on the internet, but I did find a reference to this following book: Graphic Teaching Aids in Basic Anthropometry,  R. F. G. Spier, D. R. Henning, J. R. Vincent.

It is most likely the same Spier who is on the calling card, the book published as it was in 1962 at the University of Missouri. ‘The Science of Man’, again researched, is I am guessing from the David Hume 18th century text A Treatise on Human Nature, but I cannot be sure, in the same way I cannot be sure my Grandpa will have actually read anything on this subject. But I will assume he did.

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