Plato’s Pie and Mash

The distinction between Appearance and Reality is a key philosophical exploration and argument from Plato to Bradley, and many others. My poetry chapbook Precarious Real [here] deals with this in its serious and satirical ways, but I think I could have perhaps titled it differently as Pie and Mash.


The image above of today’s quick meal [bought with no unreasonable expectations of quality or amount] does nonetheless exemplify rather brilliantly the disparity between appearance and reality at one actual level when you get through the packaging and see the paltry size of the contents.

Somewhat ironically, the photo I have taken has got the perspective wrong because the pie certainly and the mash to a degree actually do look as large as the picture on the package. Trust me: they aren’t. They are comically minute. I should have put the package cover in the foreground, but this all simply adds to the cosmic dichotomy.

I do think the herb liquor [that’s the frozen block of green in the back right compartment] is going to elicit more of a linguistic questioning of its reality…

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