Teachit [English] Revenue

My post a few days ago about Teachit’s most ‘popular’ resources mixed mild personal regret about the content/focus of those with an overwhelming support for its historical and current offering of online English subject teaching resources.

I should have then but will now recommend in particular the contributions of Trevor Millum on Poetry, whether it is to do with creative writing or study for examination. He is always insightful and engaging.

This post is simply to observe [but definitely not to gloat] that with the latest revenue I received from Teachit for the resources I have placed there, I bought a bottle of Woodford Reserve – unfortunately, I opened this prior to enjoying the England vs Ireland game last night, though there was some consolation in the quality of the alcohol over the England performance.

My ‘revenue’, by the way, is little more than the value of a bottle of bourbon, but appreciated all the same, especially if this is a consequence of the material having been of use in the classroom. The fact that I offer most of my ideas and work for free on this site is to do with the genuine urge to share for the sake of that sharing, though Teachit quite obviously presents similar of mine to a significantly wider audience.

The other point of this post is to encourage anyone reading who has tried and tested ideas for English teaching to consider contributing these to Teachit, especially with the dual prospect of its positive outcomes!



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