New Cabinet – No Veneer There?


Trying to reflect the nation’s anxiety at the pace of change in UK politics, especially – at the moment – for the Conservatives, presumably Theresa May is picking up the knives that are already lying all over the place to slice and dice her new cabinet members’ shaping.

The specific concern on this blog is for the next Secretary of State for Education. Do we want to retain the incomparably incompetent Nicky Morgan? Things are so obtuse and perverse when it comes to expecting any kind of integrity and aptitude at senior political positions, perhaps this is the best we should expect? Does she do less damage as an ineffective fool compared with a fool that manages to implement their foolery?

One can’t imagine her being retained: she backed her predecessor Michael Gove and then even contemplated standing for the leadership herself [now, that was hilarious as an idea, but in current times….]. This meant she was carrying one of those many knives, though I suspect no one actually allowed her to have one with a blade because of her inclination to self-disaster.

Would Nick Glib be a contender? He is a nastier version, and whilst a total prat this might make him seem a shoehorn into a job that thrives on the myopic meanness of ideas over considered thought.

Liam Fox? I suspect he’s hoping for Foreign Secretary. I think I saw him lurking in the background.

I have lost track: were Tebbit, Redwood, Howard and other former nutters in the May camp? So many crawled out from under to support fellow cretins it is easy to lose track. IDS was for Leadsom, but I guess that doesn’t stop him from completely changing his allegiance in an instance, as it hasn’t stopped anyone else over the past few weeks.

But Education is the concern. Will Boris be in line for a place having been shafted for higher office? He is a classicist so I guess he could sort out the knowing of coordinating conjunctions in comparison with prepositions. And he is an American citizen – perhaps he would bring back American authors to GCSE…….

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