Ronald R Voeller – English Teacher


I wrote here briefly about the lasting impression Mr Voeller made on me as my English teacher in 1965-66.

After all these years, it is not surprising to find out that he has passed. A Washington Post obituary from November 2005 has a few warm comments in an attached Guest Book from other students of his in Karlsruhe, Germany, but these refer to his teaching of music. Looking at the yearbook photo I posted, Music is indeed placed as his top subject – it had never occurred to me that this was the case at the time, his teaching of English having such a powerful impact on me then.

I don’t, in fact, recall any actual lessons – it is a long time ago – but as I have already expressed, what I do remember with absolute fondness is he was humane, friendly, encouraging and above all such a positive influence on my young teenage life. I will always be grateful for that.


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