Bare Fiction Magazine Issue 8 – August, 2016




The full list of contributors for issue 8 of the magazine, which is available to pre-order now, and will be published in early/mid September.

Poetry from Jacob Polley, Liz Lefroy, Ben Norris, Ilse Pedler, Ariella Carmell, Marci Batchelor, Dan O’Brien, Marion Oxley, Jonathan Coe, Kass Boucher, Shannon Lewis, Louisa Adjoa Parker, Melissa Fu, Stuart Henson, Rebecca Bird, David Clarke, Sophie McKeand, Keith Hutson.

Fiction from Joe Stretch, E Capaldi, Clayton Lister, Lindsay Fisher, A W Wilde, Freya Morris, Olga Wojtas, Julie Oldham.

Theatre from Jingan Young, Alex Barr, Peter Raynard.

64 pages of brand new writing in our acclaimed A4 format.
Huge thanks once again to the very talented Dmitri Popov for the cover image.


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