Our Conception of the Meaning and Value of Life – Edmond Holmes

Another ‘Your Memories on Facebook’ prompting, from 2012, the following comment from me then demonstrates a few things: that I am consistent in my political sharing there, but more importantly, and sadly, that in 1990 yet even well before this in 1911 – so spanning over 100 years to now – the serious concern expressed about how education in this country is being destroyed by the obsession with academic measurements [think May’s current grammar-school ideology] has done little to halt the progress of that dangerous dogma:

Paddy Creber, former Senior Lecturer at Exeter University School of Education, writing critically back in 1990 of the then calls for ‘rigour’ in changes to teaching and examining, especially in English, cites in support of his despair at this the writing of Edmond Holmes who himself despaired of similar dangerous educational rhetoric further back in the 1862-98 period: ‘to show that the externalism of the West, the prevalent tendency to pay undue regard to outward and visible ‘results’ and to neglect what is inward and vital, is the source of most of the defects that vitiate Education in this country, and therefore that the only remedy for these defects is the drastic one of changing our standard of reality and our conception of the meaning and value of life’.

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