The Arrogance of Selective Education on the Backside of a Bus

Theresa May’s proposals to allow for the proliferation of grammar schools in state education are based on many things: much just political blindsiding and deflecting from more critical issues, domestic and international, but also the sheer arrogance of attempting to impose her personal feelings as well as the inherent arrogance upon which selective education itself is based.

Her arguments about the promotion of academic achievement through grammar school education are widely reported today as unfounded by the Education Policy Institute [formerly CentreForum] who have stated We find no evidence to suggest that overall educational standards in England would be improved by creating additional grammar schools. The full report can be found and read here.

Having stated this, I have actually been prompted to express my consistent disdain for May and her proposals not because of this further contrary report on these, but by the  advertisement I saw today on the rear of a local bus: The academic choice in Taunton, the claim made by Queen’s College in that town. It sums up the endemic arrogance of selective education and those offering it, here emanating from the backside of a bus rather than its usual source.

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