Have I Got News for Nick Clegg’s Underpants


I have just caught up with and watched last Friday’s Have I Got News for You hosted by Nick Clegg, and what a smug, mock-coy arrogant tosser he proved himself to be.

Ever the self-publicist, Clegg played the embarrassed-if-knowing sham whenever his suspect past deeds were alluded to, and it was quite nauseating to watch this self-serving, pseudo self-deprecation. It certainly wasn’t funny.

Not funny in the way I commented here on his similar attempts at humour in his recent political autobiography, especially about Michael Gove and the light-hearted ways he referred to Gove’s nastiness. The hypocrisy of Clegg was evident in the way he was more than keen to indulge in highlighting a clip about Gove and his underpants. Gove doesn’t deserve any favours in any forum and should forever be on the receiving end of others’ treachery, but it simply displayed more of Clegg’s duplicitous nature in his delight at mocking someone he was recently obsequious in defending.

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