The Ignorance Beneath Donald Trump’s Baseball Cap

A few minutes ago I finished writing a very long piece trying to articulate why I cannot comprehend how Donald Trump is supported by so many millions of Americans as the potential next President of the United States.

But it is too long. And too obvious. I have nothing to say that is new or enlightening to add to the debate about his suitability to run for and possibly attain that high office. The one fundamental point I tried to express – but which got framed by an array of other thoughts and feelings – is my incredulity that people can support a person who is so demonstrably ignorant.

Ignorance. That is Trump’s singular main failing, amongst so much else. But it is surely the root of all that other mess he embraces and is.

And I tried to make a comic context for questioning Trump’s suitability to campaign for and possibly win the election to become the President of the United States by asking: can anyone seriously consider voting for a man who delivers campaign speeches whilst wearing a baseball cap?

Of course, that is doomed as an idea. Even arguing that it is a sartorial fraud to represent ordinariness and every-person and joe blogs and the-neighbour-next-door and the working man [I don’t think Trump is concerned about gender representation here] and as an all-Americanism, it still doesn’t make the salient point – the truth is a baseball cap can act as a metaphor for the decency and humanity and commonality that millions of Americans do embrace in a way Trump so clearly does not and cannot.

It is the complete ignorance beneath the baseball cap that matters. The sheer ignorance. The shameless ignorance. The frightening ignorance.

Whilst words and expression do matter – and for me, it is Trump’s consistent inability to express coherent and rationale thought that manifests his disturbing ignorance – there are times where an alternative can better make the point:


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