Teasing Pricks


Teasels tease the foreground, yet ravenous for water
you’d think they would be down below with roots in
the blue sea on a clear November day. But there’s the
icy cold, then the salt – and a partiality for the treat of
insects makes them land-bound carnivores. So what
are they good for, apart from invading the USA where
walls are still not built? The seeds feed birds in the
winter, and for years the prickly pods were used to raise
nap on wool – a cultivated comb to clean and align,
not shape a hairstyle in the weave of a golden throw.
This year too many pricks have been thrust forwards,
their sharp barbs poisonous and self-serving rather
than giving. There’s no joshing with such mad dipsacus,
snaring as they do all for themselves and nothing for us.

[Photo by artist and photographer Nick Dormand]

2 thoughts on “Teasing Pricks

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