Christmas Without Fritos

without Fritos
is like trifle
without jello
like goodbye
without hello
like a pad
without brillo
like pleasure
with no dildo
like tugging
with no heave-ho
like a bed
with no pillow
like samosas
without filo
like Santa
without ho ho
like Christmas
without panto
like nonplussed
without so so
like brightness
without dayglow
like pace
without tempo
like misteaks
with no typo
like recorded
without TiVo
like striking
with no go-slow
like action
without say so
like the ark
with no dodo
like ink
with no biro
like pops
with no coco
like orienting
with no gyro
like moulding
without playdough
like a fax
with no filo
like up
without below
like a soul
with no window
like mad
without mellow
like a copse
with no hollow
like IBMs
with no silo
like Richard
with no Stilgoe
like an angel
with no halo
like gravy
without bisto
like a baton
with no maestro
like Buck
without Ratso
like a rabbit
without Darko
like a second
with no nano
like a march
with no demo
like Parker
with no alto
like reliving
without retro
like a nerd
without his/her saddo
like a sombrero cordobes
without Zorro
like mud
with no wallow
like chicken
without Nando
like posh
without polo
like a virtuoso
with no solo
like H
without 2-O
like coffee
with no bistro
like a diet
with no fatso
like flooring
without lino
like iconic
without Monroe
like the Prom
with no limo
like the Greeks
with no hero
like the Greeks
with no ouzo
like cause
without ergo
like le
with no assho
like suction
without lipo
like custard
without yellow
like a wheel
with no barrow
like zilch
without zero
like Steinbeck
with no hobo
like divining
without tarot
like yawning
without Dido
like fire
with no bellow
like Cuba
without Castro
like sleeping
without cocoa
like id
without ego
like a bulge
with no speedo
like Mo
without Farrow

If you got this far, well done and thank you. You too must suffer from Rhyming Syndrome.

I do have a simpler version of this for classroom use, and whilst I generally discourage students from using rhyme [their instinct, rather than considered and controlled] this can be a more creative way of allowing it to flourish.

Anyone who reads my work will note I quite like the use of rhyme, here and there, though not always, but I also enjoy games like the above. For those not in the culinary-snack-know, Fritos are a corn chip par excellence.

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