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In June of this year I posted the ‘top five‘ of Teachit downloadable resources and rued the fact that these were primarily functional rather than creative ones. I still hold to that, though I also continue to understand the reasons.

Their current [today] announcement of most downloaded teaching packs is relatively more positive, though these again are entirely designed to aid a functional purpose, this time specifically with GCSE work, the totally terminal exam placing even more emphasis on this than ever before. And of course Teachit exists almost wholly to provide material/resources for this primary teaching need, so I understand the ‘success’ of this. That doesn’t, by the way, mean I endorse these packs.

It is worth mentioning, as well, that these are the most downloaded ‘packs’: substantial resources that do cost, or are free with a Teachit subscription. I suspect the most downloaded and used resources are still the ‘skills’ ones, sadly.

I say ‘sadly’ because I mean it! I have a substantial poetry anthology with accompanying creative writing ideas ‘pack’ but I can’t see my ever getting this published and out there within this pragmatic rather than creative/adventurous market. That seems ‘sad’ to me, personally and thinking more generally as a teacher and what I’d like to see happening in the classroom [others would have to judge the usefulness of my materials, but their intention is clear].

I obviously publish quite a few creative writing ideas on this blog for free access, and might well make my fuller resource available as well, possibly on a dedicated site. What I have wanted to see, however, and haven’t been able to find a publisher for, is to have the anthology printed as a book. For me, the book of poems should be available first and foremost to be read and enjoyed! The linked creative writing ideas [and I mean specifically linked to the anthologised poems] is intended as a bonus, an additional opportunity if desired.

And books are popular! And reading is popular! And there is the dilemma!

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