Beach Boys’ Set List for Donald Trump’s Inauguration


Reported today, no musician/s have yet been sorted to appear at president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration – Ted Nugent presumably having been asked but already committed to a hunting engagement on that day – but likely current and shameless front-runners are the Beach Boys.

Should they agree to attend, here at mikeandenglish I’d like to offer an ironic collection of pre-categorised songs already performed by the group from which to select their set list for the event:

On the Man Himself

Honkin’ Down the Highway
The Man With all the Toys
Male Ego

Afterthoughts on the Election

I Should Have Known Better
Heads You Win – Tails I Lose
Soul Searchin’
Strange Things Happen
Strange World


Wipe Out
It’s Over Now
God Only Knows


Let Him Run Wild
Here Comes the Night
Let’s Go Away for Awhile


Livin’ With a Heatache
Don’t Worry Baby

Summary Articulation

Ding Dang

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