Death and a Nobel Prize

2016 –
enough is enough
you can have no more,
neither of the two Beatles,
no one from the Stones – two of them
still adding to the living-pool –
not Joni
not sweet sweet James
not a single one from CSN&Y
even with their internal enmities,

some of the above teetering
on edges before,

nor Roy nor Yusuf nor José
still strumming their

and this doesn’t mean the New Year is
no holds barred
a free-for-all
another continual consumption.

You’ll still have Aleppo –
the whole of Syria, in fact – and the
Mediterranean will have its thousands
plunging from these places,
just as easily taken.

There are
natural causes
law enforcement
suicide bombing
simple shootings
all those competing gods


so who will sing about these?

Whose lyrics will set death to music
if you take all of the good ones away?
Even those who mainly sing about having sex?
These human things,

It’s only natural
and I don’t mean dying
that we can get the balancing awry
remembering the famous,
those who have shaped our lives.

How many loved ones
were once in the world
this year?

In so much loss
there is little surprise
it is the memory
of the [www]celebrated
that survives.

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