Toodlepip Sonnet

[for a friend – Drama teacher – when he left the job]

I’m off, I’m leaving, it is time for goodbye
My powder’s depleted; my bull’s pizzle dry.
But I won’t go down without a final fighting
In each following Teacher-Shakespeare flyting:
To Peter Principle school senior managers
I do hope we become much better strangers;
To those who shape teaching by a crass Politic
Thou art as Gove-like as a mis-shapen dick;
To teachers who Inspect so can’t give a fuck
You wear our blood like a vile standing-tuck;
To those who set targets to snare and enmesh
May flabby ideals rot in your huge hills of flesh.
I’m off, I’m leaving, I enjoyed this last quip –
Tot ziens, Tschau, Tot wederum, Toddlepip.

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