A Scam of Many Meanings

I received the letter below a few days ago. My initial reaction was to laugh off its affront and incompetence: the audacity of thinking I or anyone else would fall for such a scam, and the ineptitude of its trying [e.g. the Chung/Chang error of its sender!].

However, having an elderly relative who is otherwise sharp as a razor but somehow continually believes in these types of scams, that reality does diminish any sense of humour. The fact this was personally addressed and sent as a letter, rather than the ubiquitous scammers’ email or phone call, demonstrated one kind of deceptive cleverness, as pathetic as that still is.

But I also considered, and became further wearied, how the blatant and brazen lying of its promises reminded me of current [and past] Tory promises as we enter this most cynical of all general election periods.

It does not originate from an illegal act. That’s all right then:


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