Schools Minister Nick Gibb Announces National ‘Pupilcopiers’ Scheme


The Glib has intervened in arguments about under-funding of schools in England and offered the following educational advice to the nation.

Reacting to criticism about cuts to school budgets, The Glib is quoted as having written in response to such condemnation with the following suggestion:

“Schools could save, on average, up to 10% by making use of our national energy deal and over 40% by using the national deal for printers and photocopiers.”

With over 8.56 pupils in schools in England [including Independents], The Glib has also suggested schools should outsource all copying needs to their own pupils. By linking this to a national Raising Handwriting Standards campaign, provisionally titled Pupilcopiers, this would, according to the Schools Minister, save “bucketloads of money”.

In contacting the DfE to seek more details on this proposal, a spokesperson stated that the idea was being put on hold until after the general election, adding “whilst not being implemented as government policy in the immediate future, all schools, and especially Academies, have the autonomy to begin trialing of this excellent cost-cutting idea at any time of their choosing.”


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