Jeremy Paxman’s Blowharding

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I notice by reading around this morning that I am not the first in claiming this, but Jeremy Paxman’s TV questioning of Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May on last night’s Channel 4 general election programme had him performing a pathetic parody of himself. It wasn’t so much bulldog as bullshit in haranguing on the most irrelevant of points, most notably with Jeremy Corbyn about the fact his distaste for the monarchy wasn’t mentioned in the Labour Party manifesto, the fact it wasn’t mentioned in the Labour Party manifesto the most glaring evidence that it was a miserable moot point.

I genuinely thought his tiny-dog syndrome of snapping at both their heels was a complete waste of time: far better to let them make their own mistakes rather than relentlessly interrupt and make gormless incredulous faces at their inability to respond to a barrage of relentless interruptions.

Calling the Prime Minister a ‘blowhard’ did make me smile, but really only because I think she is a totally disingenuous but dangerous potential ‘new’ Prime Minister, and for the blunt irreverence of the tag. Otherwise, I feel cheated of what should have been an intelligent interrogating of both candidates from the supreme quizmaster, though of course on this performance he has become the supreme grizzledmaster, someone who has morphed into his own bloated blowharding.

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