The Perfection of Baler Twine

When I worked for three years full time on a farm in Suffolk back in the 70s, I was always told you needed to have three things with you always to deal with unexpected problems: a hammer [my recollection is this was called a cuthpit, but I can’t find that term anywhere online], a five pence piece, and some baler twine.

I think a knife was considered a prerequisite and these were the extras! The hammer was for bashing things into being fixed; the five pence piece was like a screwdriver [if you haven’t got one on a Swiss army knife], and the baler twine was handy because that could just about repair anything broken and be used for a multitude of supporting purposes.

Handy indeed. I used to ride a Honda 50 around at the time and when it rained I wore a huge black oilskin coat that I acquired from somewhere and this was fastened up [it had no buttons/zip/snap or similar] with bright orange baler twine. I wore this all the time in winter. Sartorial oblivion and pragmatic bliss.

So when in the Lakes recently, I thought this amazing repair job on a farm field gate exemplified perfectly the extreme effectiveness of baler twine. Why buy a new one when you can…..


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