Visual Narrative

Love it! Just been looking through some old discs, and found a selection of visual narratives my GCSE students from around 2002 created in preparation for their Media/English coursework assignment. I can post this because there are no faces revealed [privacy, naturally]. Not quite the days of 1980’s summer 8mm filming at the top of the field when we had the time and independence to write scripts and film, for example, Wild West narratives [yes, we called them Cowboy narratives back then….]. But I still found time later when exam commitments and target-setting became paramount to indulge in an element of creative preparation.

The boys’ narratives almost always had an element of violence in them, though these were meant to be dramatic.

Group four 001

Group four 002

Group four 003

Group four 004

Group four 005

Group four 006

Group four 007

Group four 008

Group four 009

Group four 010

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