Rediscovering Weed

I knew that would get some attention…

…but I mean Weed near Mount Shasta, California, where George and Lennie had to flee and where I with two good friends and teaching colleagues made a pilgrimage many years ago before the mention of Michael Gove engendered instant indigestion – because he banned this text and others from American authors from GCSE study in the UK – and we were planning an exchange trip of our students in Devon to Ashland in Oregon. Those heady days of educational independence, creativity and professional all-round joy.

Found this and other large colour-photocopied pictures from the trip whilst cleaning today underneath the stairs:


Out of extra interest: my school was lent one of the first colour photocopiers to experiment with for a few days, and so we did! That’ll date it too…

2 thoughts on “Rediscovering Weed

  1. A great memory. Mention of Gove had me heading for the blood pressure tabs. At least OMAM is still get a good airing in Y9. Not so easy to fit in that other great American novel – To Kill A Mockingbird. And nowhere near enough time to read the range of books we did with 100% coursework. Heady days indeed.

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  2. Great memories of Ashland – and of the colour photocopier! Lent to us by a very forward looking Ricoh, I seem to remember, to produce colour copies of the County Show newspaper. Still got some copies in the garage!

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