Good Guy

Arizona - Copy

Very Presidential, isn’t it?
very Presidential
turning those suckers off fast,

helmets and black masks,
you know, the bad elite:

turning those suckers off.

I got very presidential.
I live in an apartment.
Presidential, isn’t it?
White House too,
white supremacist
elite house and
very good.

I was a good student,
better schools than they did,
really great,
better future,
big big apartment.

An honest guy.

Wound inflicted bad guy I am

Guy I am
a great
I am.

I was good,
please, please,

but believe,

Fox treated me in a bigger, more beautiful show
as a good guy,

believe me.
Honest show.

I must sentence here and there
I was a good guy
and I was a better student.

Don’t put on me saying
history and our heritage
is also KKK and

just I was a good guy
turning those bad suckers off.

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