National Poetry Day’s Freedom


The ideas offered here are to support students writing poems for this year’s National Poetry Day. All provide structures and models to aid writing list poems: these are straightforward and impactful with the repetitions building detail, pace and overall meaning.

These ideas are also essentially writing aids. Students can and should talk through overall thoughts about the theme of Freedom and how each creative writing idea presents this, but the focus is on the practical activity of writing – hopefully getting quickly into the spirit and crafting of the approaches.

Click on the links below. This will take you to a pdf copy of the individual resource that can then be downloaded.

Please feel free to share as widely as you can with other teaching colleagues:

0National Poetry Day – TN

1Freedom to

2Freedom to

3Freedom to

4Freedom to

5Freedom is Randomised

6Freedom is Randomisedb

7Freedom is Where

8Liberty poem

9liberty poem edited

The following PowerPoint has 5 slides in support of the above resources [the Tagore poem is resourced from the internet and I sincerely hope it is entirely accurate in its original Bengali language]:

National Poetry Day PP

The following is an additional resource, added today [10.9.17]:

10People of the World

11A Song poem


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