Anno Forty Two by Tony Harrison, printed by Michael Caine


I have been clearing some books out for discarding, this quite a difficult and nostalgic process as I am loath to get rid of books collected over the years – even when nor read for years or indeed ever, and those that have had some significant impact on me in the past – though the only one as such which I still decided to pass on to the charity shop was The Handyman’s Handbook which did inform years of my DIY from the late 1970s through the 80s. That said, when I posted a picture and brief farewell message to the book on Facebook, one of my daughter’s asked to have. That was a close call.

I’ve also been generally browsing books, especially my poetry shelves and came across this which I hadn’t looked at for some time. It is another beautifully hand-produced pamphlet by Michael Caine, whose work and one of my other treasures, Peter Reading’s Shitheads, is reviewed here.

This too simply looks and feels so special. It is a powerful set of seven poems by Tony Harrison about the apocalyptic ending of the Second World War. Mine is numbered 100 out of an edition of 350 printed in 1987.

Michael Caine lives and works in France and more of his exquisite collection of remaining books can be seen here.



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