European Disunion of Metaphor

claudboris - Copy

In the battle of articulating a position on Brexit by the use of metaphor, Jean-Claude Juncker would seem to have won with a flush to Boris Johnson’s paltry pair.

Yesterday, the Eton and Oxford educated British Foreign Secretary bumbled out the following mess of an articulation,

…I say to get the thing…the great ship down the slipway and on the open seas…and looking for some urgency…time to put a bit of a tiger in the tank and get the thing done..

which was as clear as a pane of glass hit by the spread of an airborne cow-pat.

Today, in the other poker hand, the secondary school educated President of the European Commission, also speaking figuratively in English, articulated his Brexit observation as follows,

If you are sitting at a bar and ordering 28 beers and then suddenly some of your colleagues are leaving, it’s ok but they have to pay, they have to pay

which at the very least tapped into the wider experience of us all and was sustained across a singular referencing.

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