Poetry Reviewed 2017

Poetry collections I have reviewed in 2017:

Ian Seed – Italian Lessons, Like This Press

Nikki Dudley – Hope Alt Delete, Knives Forks and Spoons Press

Jim Burns – Confessions of an Old Believer, Redbeck Press

Okla Elliott – The Cartographer’s Ink, NYQ Books

Luke Kennard – Cain, Penned in the Margins

David Baker – Scavenger Loop, W.W. Norton & Company

Rupert M Loydell – Dear Mary, Shearsman Books

Lemn Sissay – Gold From the Stone, Canongate Books

Adrian Mitchell – Ride the Nightmare, Jonathan Cape Ltd

Carrie Etter – Scar, Shearsman Books

Jim Burns – Solid Flesh for Food 1, concretemeatpress

Daniel Y. Harris and Rupert M. Loydell – The Co-ordinates of Doubt, Knives Forks and Spoons Press

Ruth Valentine – The Grenfell Alphabet, self-published

Ted Hughes – A Solstice, The Sceptre Press

Peter Reading – Water and Waste, Outposts Publications

Roger McGough – various ‘early’ collections, mainly Cape

James Davies – Stack, Carcanet

Rupert M Loydell – Talking Shadows, Red Ceilings Press

Click on a book title to read review. I think the poetry collections actually published in 2017 just shade the balance, but a number of the reviews are of older books, some significantly so.

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