LinkedIn at the Funeral


Letter of Application

Your ad says ‘Be an early applicant’
and I’d like to say I trust this doesn’t relate
to the clients

just to let you know I have a sense of humour.
As I read more, I can see the need
for poetry,

words to sooth the bereaved – balm for them
and dynamism for the company,
as you say.

Or is this not what being a
‘dynamic team’ means, blogging keenly
in our social media presence,

marketing our coping-with-grief-strategies?
There is the new brand to promote
in a ‘compassionate tone of voice’,

and I have some experience there,
in the grief department, though I don’t imagine
that’s the naming on my potential door.

Yes, I have potential – an ‘excellent work ethic’
and ‘well over the 2+ years’ experience in a
full time content related role’ to name two –

if that means losing people I know and love.
And did you see I put the apostrophe after
years’ when you hadn’t – accuracy as much as

compassion to keep the written communication
skills alive, so to speak. Here’s a link
to a poem I wrote about death not so long ago.

Someone has to do it, I know, so excuse the
apparent sarcasm, but today has been tough,
dealing with similar even if on the

fringes, and reminding of the times right in there.
That’s it, and I look forward to hearing from you.
And yes, I can use Twitter,

but not for this one.

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