It’s Crazy

Boris Johnson’s ‘crazy’ Brexit tag today is surely correct in the general sense rather than the specific he intended, not that we should really give him much credit for being accidentally accurate. Read more on this here.

A photo with a poem I wrote yesterday and intended to share later this week seems apt to post now. The image is by artist and photographer Nick Dormand.



This has-been, this washed-up gnarl of a tree-
something is fake news – not being ancient or
special, not travelled from thousands of years
and miles away but probably further up this
coast, the remains of some louts’ beach party
with beers and fireworks and drunken shouts of
‘Brexit!’ and those other random loud chantings.

It is the remains of this, and they wouldn’t get
that irony, imagining the creature clinging to its
side as an alien from a Ridley Scott film, not
knowing that’s his name or how such features
are metaphors for our fear and not the actual of
absorption, torching the host but missing its tight
holding on that rides the terror of their rantings.

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