Spam Suffering


we suffer because
we ignore love
and refuse to love

and are adorned
by the artists
who are the ones

who destroy beauty
painted for love
for the display

who are the truth
because we suffer
and refuse to love


Years ago I acquired a large haul of highly literate email spam and I have used this over subsequent years to find ‘spam’ poems from within, enjoying immensely that finding and crafting into new writing [and some can be seen and read through this link].

But I exhausted this source and certainly haven’t received anything like the same level and quality of email spam since – though I do have a sequence of sexual invites sent personally from a range of exotic offerings to one day craft into a short story.

However, I did a few days ago check out comments on this blog and found a range of spam I hadn’t noticed before. This is more random than previously received, and some quite unusable [just boring – little is off-limits, so to speak], but I have managed to find a few re-workings which I am putting here: today’s above and one I posted yesterday. I think I have just a few more to discover.

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