National Poetry Day Hasn’t Changed!

NPD Main Logo with copy

It is still on the 4th October, 2018, and the theme is still Change.

As teachers are winding down [if not still spun by directed time…] and looking forward to their well-earned breaks, I am going to have one more prod about National Poetry Day which will be hot on the heels that have already hit the ground running when the new term begins.

With apologies for mentioning that continuance [!], now might be the time to get some initial preparation completed for the 4th October, and I am suggesting no more than downloading the resources I have prepared for National Poetry Day 2018 which can be found here.

[NB For free resources, click ‘here’ above and download pdf copies]

Since the first posting of my writing resources, I have added one Student Sheet and, when I’ve finished my GCSE examining – I am still on the job, so to speak – I will complete more including a Teacher Notes for all of the student writing ideas.

NPD logo (2)

There is so much excellent material out there, mainly from the National Poetry Day site here, and while I fully endorse this, I do have a particular opinion about providing writing ideas for the day which are straightforward for all students as well as open to considerable individual creative potential.

What I mean is the day should be all about writing poetry rather than reading and/or studying it. I stress this is an opinion, but it is a practitioner’s viewpoint. By all means read loads of poetry – but perhaps make this the reading of the poetry written by students on the day!

I will post reminders of this nearer the day, with those additional resources.

My intention is quite simple: providing free ideas to engage and encourage students to write poems about Change.

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