Results Day

What schools make the lunchtime News
What handwringing or cheers
What parental hugs
What envelopes in neat rows on tables
What clichés hauled from past years
What tut-tutting on rising grades
What evoking of toughness on glorious falls
What Minister’s self-congratulation
What lauding of highest runs
What friends’ empathies
What vicissitude of tears
What high-fiving from those who actually know
What proportion of over the moons
What celebration on the audacities of average
What acknowledgement of learning
What DfE smug tweeting
What aspirations
What relaxations
What expectations
What long walks either way
What textings
What teachings [as exclamation]
What inside has to say [as what matters]
What questions remain unanswered
What of the years to come
What of this day

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